About Us

We, at Code Blue Woodworks, emerged from a simple desire to honor and showcase a cherished collection of challenge coins, tucked away for years in a forgotten drawer. It all began with a realization: these tokens of dedication, service, and camaraderie deserved more than mere storage—they deserved a place of honor. And so, with creativity and craftsmanship, we crafted the first challenge coin flag display.

The passion and precision poured into this initial creation were undeniable. Word spread quickly, sparked by the awe and admiration of a colleague who glimpsed the display. Enthralled by its beauty and significance, they too desired a piece of this craftsmanship. And thus, the seeds of Code Blue Woodworks were sown.

Driven by our desire to share our creations with others, we embarked on a journey of crafting not just challenge coin holders, but works of art imbued with history, meaning, and reverence. With each meticulously crafted piece, the legacy of dedication and excellence grew.

What began as a humble endeavor, crafting bespoke challenge coin holders, burgeoned into a thriving side hobby. With each new project, each unique creation, Code Blue Woodworks flourished. And now, guided by our steadfast commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Code Blue Woodworks has evolved into a full-fledged LLC—a testament to the passion, dedication, and skill behind every piece we create.

From challenge coin holders to custom flags and signs, each creation from Code Blue Woodworks is a labor of love—an embodiment of the values and traditions we hold dear. With every piece, we strive to honor the legacy of service, celebrate the bonds of camaraderie, and elevate the spaces they inhabit.