My Experience

I completed my training at the Reserve Police Academy in San Diego in 2008. Following that, I worked in private contract law enforcement for off-base military housing. Eventually, I transitioned into custody transport services. However, during the economic downturn, I made the decision to become an over-the-road owner-operator.

In 2014, I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where I pursued various job opportunities before finding my niche as a utilities supervisor in a local municipality. Concurrently, I began my volunteer work with a statewide law enforcement auxiliary. Over time, I have ascended to the third-highest rank within the organization.

My diverse skill set, ranging from car modifications to home improvement projects and other handyman tasks, naturally led me to explore woodworking. Today, we boast a well-equipped shop, including our third CNC machine and second laser engraver, allowing us to tackle a wide range of projects with precision and expertise.